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Zuludesk and JamF MDM

Whether you're a tiny regional school with 5 iPads or you have hundreds, we recommend Zuludesk hands down - as do the vast majority of schools ( in our experience, 100% of them ) - and as such, is ready for you to trial, free, today - and knowing the response of all of our schools to date, we simply cannot wait to help you out and get your iPads centrally managed.

Schools are buying more and more iPads as they're an essential learning tool especially given the technology packed into the very well priced School staple iPad - this iPad Gen 6 and now, Gen 7.

As your fleet grows, the old way of configuring them using Apple Configurator or Configurator 2 is just not enough and all new iPads now will generally be enrolled in what's called 'DEP', or Device Management Program - which eliminates the need for Apple Configurator -providing you have an MDM solution such as Zuludesk in place. Keeping track of where iPads are, keeping them all in sync and up to date is a continually frustrating and an ever time-consuming task.

So, we need a solution. A simple, single interface where we can see all of our iPads at a glance, manage them in one easy click, restrict what they can do, install Apps seemlessly and immediately to all devices remotely, update software, lock the iPads down to a single App or control all iPads in Apple Classroom at once. These are just a few of the tools available to you with Zuludesk.

Zuludesk MDM is a 'Cloud' based management system that doesn't need to be 'installed' - iPads are 'joined' over the air and can be configured to automatically set themselves up in what is called an 'out of the box' or 'zero-touch' deployment ( DEP ).

You can manage your iPads, iPhones or Macs from anywhere, anytime and on any computer. 100% power and control is finally given back and with it, your valuable time.

Here at Island I.T., we've been involved in MDM in Education from the beginning, and Apple since 1994, so we understand completely how to get you up and running fast within the DoE's Proxy WiFi environment. We'll send you a simple guide to get your iPads up and running and together we'll get that done - and then help you all the way. Options to have ongoing support from us, Ad Hoc support as you need it or, we'll teach you how to use Zuludesk.

For all Schools nationwide, it's time to move to MDM.

Island I.T. is ready to help today. We're efficient, extremely knowledgeable, polite and we work when you want to - and that's not necessarily in school hours. We're fairly sure we are the most available Zuludesk partner nationwide. We find many of our deployments are done either after School or on weekends where we can remotely assist a first-time deployment with no distractions.

We work with you. A quick call to Island I.T anytime, and we'll help right away in most cases. Call now on 04 8801 8102, we'd love to hear from you.

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