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Website Design, Integration and Management

Island I.T. offer comprehensive website design services and have been responsible for many websites in tourism and retail having built multi-million dollar retail businesses from the ground up using our unmatched experience in web design and coding. The latter allows us to program relevant sections of a website at 'code level' instead of using helper-tools which tend to add a lot of unnecessary 'code' into your website that otherwise dilutes a particular page's effective impact on search engines such as Google.

Web optimisation is such a 'buzz' word these days that an entire industry has popped up charging exhorbitant prices per month to 'optimise' your current website and get you on page #1 on Google for example because that's what your 'told' you need to do to succeed. The problem is that there are only so many 'sponsored' places on page one, so you certainly not be there all the time unless your page or site ranks extremely well 'naturally'.

The real skill in web optimisation in using pure, clean, correctly compiled web pages that rank organically. This, obviously, saves you a fortune and has no recurring cost.

By programming a site in this way, your pages are cleaner, faster and don't contain as much 'clutter'.

Combined with your marketing efforts to get people to visit your web page, having a clean, fast, neat site will then rank you higher than your competitors.

We are also able to set up various real-time retail websites linked to your existing cloud based POS systems such as Kounta, Square, Retail Express and Shopify. Or, if you want us to work our magic on your existing site, we can do that too. Talk to us anytime to discuss your needs.

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