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RPA Operations. Aerial Photography and Filming, Video Production, Surveys and Mapping.

RPA / Drone Aerial Photography and Production

Island I.T. has quite an array of qualifications including those of Instrument Rated Commercial Pilots and licensed RPA [ RePL ] operators. Combined with our years of experience in film and TV production, we offer an exclusive and unique skillset.

Amongst our services, aerial imagery production in either still of 4K + Video for any event or job, detailed 3D mapping for agriculture, insurance and developers and any other application on request.

In addition, we can train you and teach you all about the aircraft themselves with hands on flying.

We fly regularly and can bring all of our experience to you. We can help you choose your first RPAS [ Drone ], teach you how to fly it and show you what it can do plus explain how the various Apps work for flight planning, photography and the like.

We can show you how to shoot 'like a pro' using advanced built in features of DJI aircraft to help you capture imagery like never before using the Mavic 2 Pro. We can show you all the available transmission and FPV technologies to enhance your experience even further plus train you on how to edit your footage in Pro Apps such as Final Cut Pro. Call anytime or use the form below to send your enquiry.

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