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We take privacy seriously here. That's why we call ourselves Private I.T. Support. We keep your details private.
That's why when you're browsing our website, you'll notice that not only do we not collect any information about you but you simply being here is secured by GoDaddy. So, whatever you click on as long as you're with Island I.T., you're safe.

If you allow our notifications, no data is collected other than you allowing your notification centre on your Mac or PC to show our useful posts.

Above and beyond everything, we do not collect data nor do we or would we ever use any aspect of your data for profit or gain. Ever. And by that, we define oursleves as Private I.T. as we do not publish our customers names here in projectes we've completed for advertising purposes.

You're safe here, and we'll be keeping it that way.

Payments and Refunds

We're 100% committed to you. Being a business that relies on word of mouth as the most powerful means of advertising, we're simply not happy if you're not.

Our services are billed on completion and on your sign off so there is almost never a situation where a problem arises. However, for thoroughness and legalities; if you're not happy or are dissatisfied in any way, please let us know whilst we're there onsite. If we've left and a problem recurs that is a result directly or indirectly of work we've done, we'll make every effort to remedy it.

Communication is the best method of solving any issue. We appreciate you chosing us and we do our very best - every time. If for whatever reason you'd like a refund and your request is reasonable, we will refund the cost of the works completed to attempt the resolution of the issue in question.

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