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Work effectively and efficiently - remotely.  The new world we live in is limitless. 

COVID-19 continues to have a profound effect on every aspect of our lives. It has taken opportunity yet has created many more. Many have taken the time to study, to upskill, to completely reskill. What we have all done though, is embrace technology to better ourselves, stay in touch, change what we do and the way we do it. Out of all of this, the realisation that life may never really be the same again - and for the better in many cases.

We've seen a huge shift in what people are doing. We've helped many on a new path, supported their computers, set them up remotely - business and individuals and put in place protection to allow efficient work continuity - whatever that may be.

We're at home far more.. we're learning a new way to balance life and family - in many cases realising that we can in fact do almost everything we used to do at the office, at home. Sure, we're not meeting around the photocopier or playing practical jokes continually on our work colleagues, but where there's a will, there's a way. We've become more efficient. We've started on those tasks that we've been meaning to do for years around the home - and we're doing all of this integrating our work or study. In a way, we've all become HR managers.

Of course, it's not all 'perfection' - especially in the world of computers and technology. Things go wrong, things need repairing or fixing - and that's more important than ever given our increased reliance on them.

What we do here at Island I.T. is offer a broad range of focused services to avoid issues in the first place - but should you have a Mac, PC to technology based issue, we have the ability to remotely diagnose and fix most issues you'll encounter and offer all manner of zero contact repairs and support up and down the mid North Coast.

Make Island I.T. your #1 go-to locally. You'll be very glad you did. With 30 years continual Mac, PC and Tech experience on tap when you call, there's no better place for you to 'support local'.

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