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Data Recovery services for Mac or PC. Your memories and critical data recovered anytime.

Data Recovery

Losing data shouldn't really happen. We're all very well aware of how important it is to back up, yet many of us don't do it. It seems like an unecessary waste of time for many - until something goes wrong.

Increasingly, we're storing more and more information on our computers - and a lot of that information is important to us - even timeless and invaluable such as photo's and videos.. memories that once gone, are gone forever.

So, if you have a disaster - perhaps you has a water or wine spillage all over your Mac or PC and it stopped working. Perhaps your computer just wont start any longer or its making odd noises - or perhaps you deleted data by accident. Whatever it is, stop using your machine right away and call us. The faster this happens, the more chance you have of successful recovery.

At Island I.T., if there's no recovery at all, theres no fee, so send in your enquiry below and well help right away.

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