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Migrating to Office 365? We make something scary, very easy . 

Many of us have accumulated all sorts of email, email addresses and hosting services with different people over the years. One thing we do not want to do is loose email and all of those contacts we've accumulated over time. Mac or PC, far too many keep all of their eMail and contacts on their own PC or Mac - with no backup.

Each time we visit a new client - whether that's an individual or a business, the majority of times, we'll have a chat about getting all of those emails and contacts safely off your computer and into the 'cloud'. That way, your emails syncronise with not just your computer, but however many other deivces you want to connect to the same account - seemlessly. Create and send an email on any of your devices - computer, phone, ipad, tablet, via the web - it doesn't matter, your sent items will all show the same email. And the same applies for all of your email folders. You see exactly the same on all devices - all of the time.

However, so many businesses and individuals are not set up this way. Larger businesses often have their own email services and servers - and that's great but in order for those systems to work, they need to be maintained by in-house staff. It's costly and at continual risk of hacking and downtime.

So, let's have someone else manage all of that - one of the biggest companies in the world. Microsoft. All of your email security and risk is taken care of. That's where Office 365 comes in. Office 365 is not just Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook etc. It's an integrated cloud based individual / business based productivity solution. We all use email and pretty much all of us use Office to some extent. Migrating to 365 centralises all of your business resources so you can get on with runing your business or getting your jobs done.

Migrating to Office 365 is not hard of done correctly. If not planned and executed perfectly, it really can create huge problems - and that's where all the apprehension lies. So, let an expert deal with it. From your initial call to us, to seemlessly migrating all of your email from your existing service or services to 365 is as simple as a single call. We've done a lot of 365 migrations and have seen it all. One thing we're sure of is that once migrated, you'll breathe a big sigh of relief. Call us, as always - anytime.

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