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Managed Services

Island I.T. offer comprehensive support and real-time monitoring and protection of your network and devices, regardless of type or size, using the latest, and most powerful cloud based management platform in the world, Solarwinds RMM.

I.T. security and support is a big deal. It's also very easy to ignore.

Data protection and reporting requirements now in place under Australian law mean that data breaches must now be reported - even for relatively small breaches. Not only is any data breach potentially catastrophic and expensive, not just in downtime and associated staff costs during downtime and recovery, but moreso from a business reputation perspective.

For businesses who hold critical and sensitive client data, whether that data is local or 'cloud' based, the responsibility to protect it lies with you. We commonly hear that companies believe their data is safe if it's in 'the cloud'. Very simply, if you have access to a storage drive from your computer, regardless of where it is, so, potentially, does anyone else.

Whilst it seems obvious to focus on protecting you from external threats, most data breaches come from inside ; and usually by accident.

There are lots of ways to protect your business, and most businesses do have some level of protection in place but that takes daily maintenance - anti-virus software for example is a tiny, but critical part of a multi-layered approach to protection and security. The problem here is that anti-virus or security software needs to be effectively managed - updated and patched to ensure it is functioning as it should.

All computers must have the latest, approved and compatible Microsoft or Apple security updates installed as they are released. This is a just a small part of an overall strategy all businesses 'should' have in place, and do have, if managed by Island I.T. #03MSP

Unless you have dedicated staff that are entrusted to keep your software up to date and effectively patched, your routers and switches updated and protected with their latest firmware and so on, holes will be present in your network right now.

So, how do you protect yourself and your business from latent threats you are unaware of until they strike? Outsource it all to a world class Managed Services Provider such as Island I.T. #03MSP

Depending on your size, you may have an I.T. adviser, a part time staff member, or even an I.T. department. You may have no support at all and use a 'break-fix' approach - calling in a technician as and when you need it. In the latter scenario, this used to be a satisfactory way of doing things as we're only talking about 'hardware'. For companies who don't add any value to computer uptime and are happy to accept the business capital costs of downtime, this may still work as long as no data loss is involved. However consider a data breach. Once this happens it's simply too late. There is nothing to fix and your business information has been stolen to either immediately cause damage, or do so at some undisclosed time in the future as a ransom or to attack your customers directly.

Rarely do companies even consider the 'actual' cost of downtime. In any scenario, protecting data is beyond critical. Similar to driving car around with no registration or insurance. You'll probably get away with it for a while, but the consequences could be life changing - and not just for the driver.

In today's environment, where your network is the daily target of attacks whether you know it or not, it is critical to have not only basic virus and ransomware protection, but multi-level security. Layered security, which creates multiple protection points as opposed to the all-too-common, single point of failure.

A bank and it's vault would be a good example. You cannot expect to walk through the doors of a bank, out of hours with the vault in front of you with its doors open. The contents of that vault are as important as your clients identities with which you're entrusted. You have the power to protect it, hiding that data behind multiple protection points. It's not expensive with Managed Services. The danger and cost of not doing so and having no strategy in place is immeasurable.

For those companies who have their own dedicated staff, in many cases, they are busy continually fixing hardware and solving on-site related software queries. That's their job of course. This is generally how that person or department operates. What's missing here are highly trained personnel who have the tools to pro-actively monitor all aspects of device, network integrity and security in real-time. Managing virus and web security, backups and backup integrity, computer updates ( patch management ), risk analysis and mitigation and of course, pro-active assett tracking. Assett tracking allows us to deeply probe all devices at any time, identifying potential issues and resolve them before they become a problem for your business. We run sophsticated custom built automation designed around your exact use scenrio ensuring we get even closer to the magical 100% uptime for your business. This is an incredibly powerful part of what we can do to keep you productive.

Having a staff member who is essentially a Chief Information Officer ( CIO ) Chief Technology Officer ( CTO ) or data security engineer or analyst is usually far too expensive for the majority of companies, yet these are becoming critical roles to fill. This area alone creates significant risk if not managed properly.

This is where just one part of our Managed Services come in as we act as your vCIO and vCTO ( Virtual Chief Technology and Information Officer ).

We work either with your existing support team, filling those critical security holes with real-time protection for your business, enabling your I.T. department to focus solely on keeping staff productive. Or, for smaller businesses, we are able to provide a comprehensive service including helpdesk.

It's important to understand what 'Managed Services' are above what you may consider you're already doing.

If we take Virus Protection or Web Protection as a simple example. You go out and purchase the software - which is almost always a consumer grade product. You're buying the software - 'the technology'. You're not buying the people or process that is involved in administering that product to make it effectve.

What that means is that with your own anti-virus and web protection, you are responsible for keeping windows defender and anti virus definitions up to date - and your third party protection up to date - and this has to happen on all machines, all the time - not just yours. With managed services at Island I.T., all of your devices are protected and up to date - in real-time. Threats are immediately identified, quarantined and secured - and we are right there to help if disaster should strike. Here, we do not use 'SLA's to define a repsonse time - rather we use them to set a 'worst case scenrio' response time which we will almost always beat. We respond to your requests as fast as possible. We don't wait around for fear of creating false expectation for 2 or 4 hours, Same Business Day, Next Business Day etc. We get the job done as fast as we can. And that's uniique to Island I.T.

So, what's next? Let us transparently audit your network so you can see the value of our services. In almost all cases when we run our initial audit, we find most computers have out of date protection or no protection at all.

So, what if you could forget all of that. You can with Island I.T., - protection is provided as a service. You know that every single machine has world-class virus and web protection. All computers and devices are correctly patched and updated continually. Protection that is updated any time a new virus or threat is detected by global security companies in real-time, whose intelligence is leveraged directly into our management platform. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now part of our protection using SentinelONE next generation technology further guarding you against threats based on your particular use scenarios.

Managed Services is a complex area. For your business, it need not be. We will provide 30 days, no commitment monitoring and auditing of your network enabling you to experience next-generation I.T. management as-a-service. Subscription based, we tailor protection to your needs and within budget. Maintaining uptime by pro-active management vastly reduces downtime, associated costs of recovery, and open-ended break-fix costings, whilst giving you peace of mind.

You'll know your customers and business are as protected not only as today's technology allows, but with the next-level experience and service we bring to you - and that is a big value add for your buisness and shows commitment, protection and respect of your critical assett - your clients.

With weekly summaries and monthly reporting plus 6 monthly meetings, Island I.T are your trusted, trained and certified partners for Managed Services with Solarwinds - and we're training and evolving almost daily as the service and threat levels grow and evolve.

Contact us anytime using the form below or call - 04 8801 8102. We'll discuss your needs, answer any questions you have and show you real-world operation of our platform.

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